As at May 2016, the following bushwalkers have completed the ascent of all the Abels. The list shows the date and last Abel climbed:

#NameDate finishedLast Abel
1Philip Dawson17 January 2011Tramontane
2Paul Geeves29 December 2012Tramontane
3Kent Lillico 18 May 2013 Nescient Peak
4Tony Woolford22 April 2015 Mt Proteus
5Andrew Davey5 January 2016Dome Hill
6Malcolm Waterston12 January 2016Camp Hill
7John Carswell30 March 2016Mt Geikie
8Brian O’Byrne9 April 2016 Mt Tor
9Mark Wright8 February 2017The Spires
10Martin Doran20 March 2017Tramontane
11David Walker5 April 2017Mt Othrys
12Dale Lisson14 April 2017Black Bluff Range
13Maureen Martin20 May 2017Mt Bobs