Section 9 – The South West

Bounded by the West, Gordon and South East sections; then the watercourses: Styx, Weld, Snake, Manuka, Huon, Cracroft, South Cracroft and New to New River Lagoon.

Mt Mueller124588WedgeLake PedderAdamsfield555639
Mt Wedge1148124WedgeLake PedderBowes425561
Mt Anne142327WedgeLake PedderAnne530453
Mt Lot126277WedgeLake PedderAnne545444
Mt Sarah Jane129067WedgeLake PedderAnne545413
Mt Hayes1119143Old RiverWestern ArthursCrossing387242
Mt Sirius1151122Old RiverWestern ArthursRazorback401225
Mt Orion1151121Old RiverWestern ArthursRazorback404233
Mt Aldebaran1107154Old RiverWestern ArthursGlovers466192
Mt Scorpio1106157Old RiverWestern ArthursRazorback468210
West Portal1181111Old RiverWestern ArthursGlovers521173
The Needles1108153Old RiverWestern ArthursGlovers553137
Federation Peak122595Old RiverBathurstFederation574089